Kingsley H. Smith on Powerhouse Radio Live365
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Who wrote the book on streaming live music to mobile devices?

After Napster bit the dust, Live365 and Pandora started at about the same time. Live365 started in 1999 and Pandora formed in 2000.

After a testing period, Pandora launched in 2005. Even in 2000, live streaming of music on a mobile phone was still a novelty. By 2006, Spotify was in the game.

The Powerhouse radio channel did it's thing on Live365 for 15 years, 2000 - January, 2016 as the #1 R&B music channel on the service (ours a commercial free channel).

Live365 shut down at the end of January, 2016. Surprisingly, they came back in 2017, but Kingsley chose not to.

Here's a short aircheck of a part of one of Kingsley H. Smith's live Powerhouse Radio programs on live365.

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