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As of September, 2021, our website returned. Old blog posts were re-added and updated as needed. Website developed by Quikthinking Software. Lead website designer Kingsley. H. Smith, the author of People in Black History - Famous African Americans - Collector's Edition.

Powerhouse Radio Book Kingsley H. Smith is a multi-decade radio broadcast professional who worked full time in New York City, Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC (three top 10 USA markets).

Get his paperback, eBook or audiobook Powerhouse Radio: Rough Roads, Radiance, and Rebirth, an authentic true story about adversity, failure, and ultimate success.

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Powerhouse Radio Book author Kingsley H. Smith

The author, Kingsley H. Smith holding his book Powerhouse Radio: Rough Roads, Radiance, and Rebirth.

Smith performed on-air as an engaging radio personality and off-air as a program director in the hyper competitive radio broadcasting field.

Despite roadblocks, the author details how he took advantage of growth opportunities offered at both general market and Black commercial radio stations in the Philadelphia radio market. Experiences at Southern New Jersey radio stations are carefully detailed.

When the story expands to Washington, DC and Smith's NPR management responsibilities, this radio memoir documents what public broadcasting really creates. You'll learn what listener sponsored media attempts to do domestically and internationally, all in the public interest.

You'll come along for the ride at the launch of satellite radio when the author and his team prepare two channels for a new world of digital subscribers across the USA.

What you must know to create a memorable internet radio online audio music streaming service is discussed in depth in a chapter about Smith's fifteen years as a Live365 producer.

Music radio personality hosts have opinions about the music they play for their broadcast audience. So does Kingsley. You'll get five crafted opinions in reviews about five award winning popular culture music artists expressed by the author in the paperback, eBook, and audiobook.

Radio is a cultural constant that survives despite innovative competitors. Smith's Powerhouse Radio story begins in New York City, touches down at multiple USA destinations, and passes through Berlin, Germany. The narrative doesn't end there. Experience the whole journey, in the full story.

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