Harvey Mason Interview

Harvey Mason (right) with King
from Powerhouse Radio

Harvey Mason with King from Powerhouse Radio Look at the liner notes from almost any recording in the 1970's, and you'll find Harvey Mason's name in the musician credits.

Harvey has jammed on more than 200 different albums. He's appeared on more gold albums than any other drummer in the 1970's.

Watch and Listen to our interview with Harvey Mason

9 minutes, 50 seconds

Harvey tells all about performing in the live club scene circuit, rescuing big name star albums in the studio (by overdubbing the sloppy play of others with his own steady beat), and his thoughts about working with Earth, Wind & Fire, Coke Escovedo, Barbra Streisand, and others.

King from Powerhouse Radio talks with Harvey Mason, (recorded on January 31, 1976, at WUSS in Atlantic City, New Jersey).

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