Jimmy Castor Interview

Jimmy Castor
Jimmy Castor The Jimmy Castor Bunch is one of the most versatile and distinctive groups you'll ever want to hear. Jimmy, the "Everything Man," is one of those entertainers who injects a whole lot of fun into his music.

Listen to our interview with Jimmy Castor & Gerry Thomas

10 minutes, 29 seconds

Here's a revealing conversation with Jimmy and Gerry Thomas from The Jimmy Castor Bunch, talking to King from Powerhouse Radio.

Jimmy has some brutally honest comments about music, radio, and the fierce competition for attention in the broadcast world.

Special thanks to the "E-Man" for giving us permission to post his complete official Jimmy Castor biography. Read it while you are listening to the conversation.

This live interview is from August 11, 1977, (WUSS in Atlantic City, NJ).

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