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A Kingsley H. Smith aircheck from WBLS is missing in action. Here's Kingsley in the video with memories of those special days he worked at both WLIB and WBLS New York City.

Kingsley recommends WLIB and WBLS broadcasting legend Hal Jackson's Book, The House That Jack Built. Hal really goes into detail about how Black owned Inner City Broadcasting eventually gained control of the stations from earlier owners.

Here's a WBLS Frankie Crocker tribute in our archive written by Cleo Rowe. You'll also find more audio there.

As a teenager Kingsley called Frankie at New York City's WMCA radio in 1969. Mr. Crocker put him on the air live for an instant music request. (Yes we have the recorded audio). Frankie had some fun and took liberties mispronouncing Kingsley's name on purpose. Watch the video for Kingsley's payback!

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