Q - Autobiography of Quincy Jones

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June, 2006 | Q - The Autobiography of Quincy Jones | As a musician, producer, arranger, composer, entertainer, and entrepreneur extraordinaire, he stands today as one of the most successful and admired artists in the entertainment world.

From meeting and playing with all his jazz heroes including Charles Mingus, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, and Count Basie...through producing his first number one record and working on many albums and film and TV scores, to producing Michael Jackson's record-breaking album Thriller which sold 50 million copies, Quincy Jones has had an incredible career.

In this stylish and candid memoir, Quincy reveals the truth about his schizophrenic mother, his difficult childhood, the discovery of his remarkable musical talent, and the rewarding but often strenuous path to success.

Touching on his many wives and children and revealing countless anecdotes about Quincy Jones' equally famous friends...

  • Miles Davis
  • Ray Charles
  • Bill Clinton
  • Picasso
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Michael Jackson
This is a compelling and candid memoir about one of the most successful black entrepreneurs of our time.

Quincy Jones was born in Chicago in 1933 and started playing the trumpet at the age of twelve.

He is the most nominated Grammy artist, with a total of 76 nominations, has won 26 Grammy Awards (the second highest amount) and several Oscar nominations.

During his fifty-year career, he has picked up hundreds of awards and accolades and has worked with many of the major influential musical artists of the twentieth andtwenty-first centuries."


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